Girls School

Aligarh Public School if not the one then certainly it is one of the few schools that caters to the educational needs of the students from Pre-Nursery to Matriculation.  In order to run the system efficiently and manage its affairs without any hitch, the wing wise division of the institution is mentioned below

Kindergarten Wing

Play group – K.G (Co-education)

In Kindergarten Wing Play Group – KG (co-education) our focus is on developing children’s skills through structured activities Children are provided opportunities to grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Guidance is provided for development of (a) communication and inter-personal skills (b) problem solving skills.

Junior Wing

I – IV (Co-education)

In Junior wing (I – IV co-education) emphasis is laid on using/applying knowledge in response to real circumstances, not only recognizing information but also interpreting meaning from a given scenario and suggesting appropriate meaning.

Senior Wing Girls

V- X Girls only (separate campus)

In Senior wing (V – X separate campuses for girls & boys) emphasis is laid on analysis and synthesis skills alongwith application skills. Students are trained to interpret elements and develop plans or procedure through creative thinking.