Testimonials of Position Holders

Maryam Naveed

(1st Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

The journey of Aligarh Public School Gulberg seems to be like a sweet dream that passed away swiftly.  I was made confident and strong both morally and physically. I got many opportunities to polish my hidden talent. My journey here was really remarkable.

May Aligarh Public School grow day by day!


Aamina Hanif

(2nd Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

Evolving from a PREFECT TO HEAD GIRL, my journey was a tapestry of growth and responsibility. Aligarh is such a beacon of light that is still guiding me, lightning my way to follow my destiny.  I want to travel Aligarh train again from play group to class 10.

Long live Aligarh!


Mahnoor Sarfraz

(3rd Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

Punctuality, sharing, brotherhood, responsibility and love are my personal traits fostered by my alma mater, Aligarh Public School. This school was like a tree I grew in its shelter, took full benefit from its branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. The best days of my life were the days spent in Aligarh.

May Aligarh shine forever!


Najam Qazi

(1st Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

We love u Aligarh, with glory and pride.

You have shown us the path which is so right.

You have given us confidence to lead through our lives.

You have given us strength to be mature and wise.

You have polished our talents like gems and jewels.

You have given us memories of joys that will always dwell.

You have our love, we’ll never forget you.

What we are today is really because of you.

We love you Aligarh for all the pleasures you gave us.

Thank you Aligarh for all you have done for us.


Asad ur Rehman

(2nd Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

The moment I picture my school, some kind of energy flows through me and i feel study. This is really heart warming. No doubt to say, a person is recognized by his institution.  Thank you Aligarh for fulfilling my dream to become a Aligarian. I owe a great deal to you forever.

Long live Aligarh!


Abdul Moiz Iftikhar

(3rd Position Holder in Matric Exams, 2023)

Aligarh Public School, my alma mater one of the best schools in town.  What I love the most about my school is the discipline. It has helped me to focus on studies and complete my matriculation with flying colours. The special focus on moral values kept me on right path. I have unforgettable memories and I pray for the continuity of progress in future. Fantastic years spent in Aligarh are asset for me.

Thank you Aligarh!