Extra-Curricular Activities

Celebrations & Functions

Session:  2018-2019 Schedule

Important Events

Date & Day

Teacher Incharges

Defense Day & Birthday of AGPS

6th Sept, 2018

According to the duty list

Sir Syed Day & Inter-School Bilingual Declamation Contest

17th Oct, 2018

According to the duty list

Annual English Play

Last week of

Oct, 2018

English Department

English/Urdu Literary Society Activities

Last week of

 Nov, 2018

Urdu & English Department

Iqbal Day
(Through Soft Board Displays)

9th Nov, 2018

Girls Br.

Ms. Razia, Ms. Shagufta

Ms. Fakhra, Ms. Anna, Ms. Shamoona (F.Art Deptt.)

Boys Br.

Ms. Tehseen, Ms. Ume Rubab

Sports Day
(K.G. Wing)

7th Nov, 2018


Ms. Nafisa Rani, Mr. Kabir Butt

(All class teachers of K.G. Wing)

Annual Function

8th Dec, 2018


According to the duty list

Sports Day
(Boys Branch)

14th Dec, 2018


Mr. Kabir Butt

Mr. Sajjad Hussain

Sports Day
(Girls Branch)

23rd Dec, 2018


Ms. Nafisa Rani (Girls Branch)

Mr. Kabir Butt

Art Exhibition

3rd week of

Jan, 2019

All F.Art Teachers

At AGPS, a great deal of importance is given to co-curricular activities.  Students are encouraged to develop talents, interests, hobbies, skills and techniques through participation in physical, scientific and artistic pursuits through participation in Inter-school / Inter-class and Inter-House events including speech competitions, Debates, Quizes, Art & Science Exhibitions, Annual English / Urdu Play and numerous sports events.

At Annual Science Exhibition, working science models which reflect scientific approach of future scientists are exhibited.   These models are judged by external experts and rewarded accordingly.   Similarly, Art Exhibitions are also held on annual basis which prove a fine display of students’ artistic approach and creativity including landscape, still life, fabric painting, water & oil painting, portraits etc.  Sports foster a spirit of competition and an urge for excellence.

In pursuit of this spirit, we promote both indoor and outdoor games to provide the students with a healthy environment.

At AGPS, karate training is being given to the students which of course make the students more active, energetic and agile.

Co-curricular activities round out students, education, they also complement and facilitate students’ academic studies.  While providing ways to socialize, relax, have fun and become refreshed, co-curricular activities keep students physically fit, increase their energy and stamina, develop their interest and promote mental agility.

(Mrs. Nargis Faruq)

Principal AGPS (Girls)